Xtea said:

If you didn't create the whole image, you don't really need credit.
Okay that's great but I kinda did make it. I only upload content that I've 'made' on this site.

thanks though, champ

Cuda007 said:
Its the rules, the mods didn't like your post, most of my first post were deleted for the 3 day rule, stop complaining.

Edit: Now that I have time to write.
Stop complaining, all images not approved for three days are delete, which mean a lot of things, mainly none of the mod like the post, we (the mods) not required to approved every image that pops up, as a general for me, if I have any question about quality, size or content I don't approve.

Has for other thing, image quality might not be high enough to approved but not low enough to delete right away, size can be another thing that prevents a image from being approved, another thing is content possibly none of the mods like the content in your images.

Anyways none of your images where deleted for no reason, if fact no image deleted by mod are deleted for no reason (unless its there own image), the 3 day rule has been here since I joined and is going to stay, so all you can really do is just deal with it.
Are you, perchance, mad?

The image was favourited 3 times before it was deleted. I get the impression that it was liked. And it was liked enough to get reuploaded.

There's enough injustices on this site to have mods not approve things over 'preference', regardless of other people liking it.

all you can really do is just deal with it.
I want proper, well-rounded reasons why these injustices are about. You clearly aren't giving me these reasons.

makaan said:
So yes, it is absolutely subjective and unfair.
It might sound a bit arrogant, but nobody forces you to use konachan. It is known to have a (compared to other sites) rather high quality requirement, which i always loved it for.
"rather high quality requirement"

Sorry, I don't get this. 'High quality' is an objectively clean and crisp image. It has nothing to do with subjective opinion -- The only things that are gauged subjectively are the contents of an image. I'm not going to point fingers here -- but the consistency of approving images based on 'quality' content is somewhat fickle.