Dude, if you don't like the community here, go find another place to lurk on. Konachan's not the only image board in the world.

A post getting favorited before being deleted means jack: there are people whose standards are low enough (compared to the typical Konachan post) that they'll favorite damn near anything that fancies them...And let's not forget fanboy/-girlism being a factor (I won't delve into this though).

Next, it's been noted in several places on Konachan that it is generally NOT a place to PUBLISH your own work. Edits, fixes, and vectors of pre-existing images are one thing...Your own composition and designs are another. You're better off on Minitokyo or DeviantArt for publishing. If you want credit, dump your stuff there. If you still want it on Konachan, upload a copy here and set the Source to the URL of the DeviantArt or Minitokyo page.

I'm glad the mods here have fairly high standards (pantu's privileges notwithstanding) regarding uploads. Konachan's pretty strict, but there are other sites you can use if you wanted too. (I follow moe.imouto.org also since Kona doesn't allow Portrait images. Most if not all of mods here are involved on Moe also.)

You always have options. Whether you have the energy, will/drive to seek them out and the ability to accept the outcome of your choices is another matter. In theis case, you can adapt to Konachan's community, or go elsewhere. Your choice.

Personally, I like Konachan because it's nice, fairly quiet, and has a cozy feeling to it. If you feel you don't belong here, or are unwelcomed, it might be a better idea to find another community for yourself.

Now, I'm trying to be as level-headed as I can, seeing as this is all text, so nuances in meaning get lost and can be misunderstood. (I myself had that happen here with another long-time user.) So don't take anything I've said so far as a direct attack on you. (You'll know if it is a direct attack when I start using typical 'net vulgarities...) If I'm missing information on a detail that you nkow, please correct/inform me. (For the record, I've yet to see the posts currently in question.)

@MODs - BTW, is pantu the only person (well, beside Shuugo I would assume) that skips the upload approval requirement?