Oh_The_Empty_Bottle said:
Are you, perchance, mad?
No, slightly annoyed, but not mad, if I got mad about every thing that happens to me on the net, I would always be mad.

Oh_The_Empty_Bottle said:
The image was favourited 3 times before it was deleted. I get the impression that it was liked. And it was liked enough to get reuploaded.
Hmmm ok. Soo the people running around that favorite's everything, favorited your post, means nothing.

Oh_The_Empty_Bottle said:
There's enough injustices on this site to have mods not approve things over 'preference', regardless of other people liking it.
Get use to it, its how most sites are ran. Gaia is the only site I've been on that has strict rule for Mods.

Oh_The_Empty_Bottle said:
I want proper, well-rounded reasons why these injustices are about. You clearly aren't giving me these reasons.
Go some where else, there are other image boards around.

StahnAileron said:
@MODs - BTW, is pantu the only person (well, beside Shuugo I would assume) that skips the upload approval requirement?
well I had the same thing when I had a Privileged account, but anyone with a Contributor account skips the approval process.