Bardiche752 said:
~snip iTunes pins ~
iTunes is the worst piece of software ever developed. But don't worry, every sane person who uses an apple macbook is also hating on it. I also used to have an iPod, hell that was around 6 years back, maybe even more. So I've used iTunes for some time. I just got fed up by how slow it was. It also seemed to suck a lot of resources, my pc wasn't happy to say the least. I spend more time waiting for it to boot, and changing artist info because everything seemed to get imported wrong.

Though, this has to be said, Samsung uses 'KIES' which is just as bad as iTunes. With a few neat features, but it just doesn't work accordingly. The easiest way is always to copy something straight to your SD. And that's no problem with samsung phones. You'll be amazed by the S3 really. And they started rolling out the 4.1 Jelly Bean update in various countries, so you got even more reason to pick it up now. 4.1 is a huge improvement over 4.0 ICS. It's faster, smoother, and better in every aspect. (Jelly beans focus was improving the FPS rate.) - Also if you're good with tempering, you can root your S3 and overclock the CPU, flash some custom roms, and greatly improve your user experience. (And you can get rid of crappy pre-installed samsung apps)