applesauce said:
You could always get a USB audio mixer, the cheap Chinese ones start at like $10, I have a branded one I bought in town for about $50. It's actually kind of handy for me, because I plug my mic into it and it has dials so I can turn my mic up or down as needed. That being said, I don't usually set it up unless my laptop is staying in one place for a while.
Ohh? Could you give a link to such a thing? I assume it let's you put the individual cables for rear, front, mid and bass into the 'mixer', which in turn you can connect to your laptop? I got 5 cables running from my Subwoofer/station to my PC.

Also is the output going to be 5.1 or will it be converted to stereo?

ps: Did somebody see the Samsung CES stuff? I really hope the flexible screen will be used sometime in the near future.