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Ohh? Could you give a link to such a thing? I assume it let's you put the individual cables for rear, front, mid and bass into the 'mixer', which in turn you can connect to your laptop? I got 5 cables running from my Subwoofer/station to my PC.

Also is the output going to be 5.1 or will it be converted to stereo?
I think with a bit of software you can get something like this to work. As for it being 5.1 or stereo, it all depends on how you would rig it up, I'm pretty sure USB has fast enough data transfer for 5.1

Actually, now that I think about it, they make USB sound cards. Derp. Something like this would be much cheaper an easier, just without the minor bells and whistles. Of course the exact one you get depends on what you need.

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ps: Did somebody see the Samsung CES stuff? I really hope the flexible screen will be used sometime in the near future.
I was a bit disappointed with CES, almost nothing was really new if you had been keeping up. Ah well, maybe they are saving the best for last.