It took me about 4 months to decide... Starting around september. But I finally got a new laptop.
The Lenovo Y500 with SLI graphics. Pretty much a gaming laptop, but it doesn't feel like one. It's not thick, just a litttttle bit thinner than my previous Asus. A bit heavier though. But 200g is neglect able.
They keyboard has a red backlight with a red accent around the keys which looks awesome. Never had a backlit keyboard so this is really ++ for me. Audio is great for a laptop, speakers are loud!! and still fairly crisp and clear. I can even feel a little punch above ~25% . It's fast too, my Asus was pretty slow. Booting is fast, even without a decent SSD. (Only has a 16gb caching ssd). I will be buying a SSD later this week and replacing the caching one. Expecting boot times to be even faster.
Haven't tried any games yet. Will try some tomorrow, Skyrim, Guild Wars 2 etc. Lets see if it can handle high settings on FHD with 30+ fps. I need to get some sleep but I want to play around with this thing. Ha ha. Just a little bit longer ^^

Ohh and I am used to a QWERTY keyboard, but I got the laptop from Germany so this one has a QWERTZ keyboard. I just changed the settings to US, so it's not a big deal. But it does look strange when you actually start looking down.