Then you just have to live with the fact MS was saving the good shit for their enterprise products back then when it came to RAM support.

Hell, technically, current consumer level 64-bit Windows is software capped at I think 192GB or something like that ("lower-grade" edition caps are lower). This despite 64-bit containing about 18EB of address space. (MS can supposedly unlock/increase the caps via software updates if the market demands it. i.e. RAM capacities per module get high and cheap enough to make RAM amounts bump up against the limit too easily and often.)

Hoenstly, I think it's MS being pragmatic. They are a large, publicly traded corporation. They have a bottom to think about. I don't agree with half the shit these types of companies do, but I do understand the reasoning being their actions, sorta.

But yeah, it sucks when you think you have to hack something together to meet your needs/wants.