Just got back from holiday, sure was good.

Thanks guys. Trying to make an argument on a matter you know nothing about. Aside from basically 90% your arguments/reasoning being ad hominem and 10% speculation, I can most certainly say that you'd would make a questionable lawyer in the future.

Also, please stop bending the rules/prerequisites to justify yourself, it makes you look very childlike.

Also, I'm pretty sure Cuda007 is a child, it's like he skipped a logic 101 and decided to go to aggressive little boy 101 instead.

Any credibility the quality control system had before, now has been completely tainted by this website being plastered with AB! pictures. It takes a sure lack of taste to like something like that, it would of course explain why you guys have no idea what quality is, and would further the belief that you approve posts with your penis.

Xtea said:
I mean completely made, as in drawn by you. If you feel everyone should be given credit, why isn't there any sentence or something on post #72261 (for example) that's giving credit to the original artist?
Well, there was this chap, in Japan, fine man, and one time of day, he drew the outline for a few frames of animation some anime, oh and some particular chap decided to colour that in too, OH and the backround artist was a cool cat too.

It's it a real pity they don't credit people for single frames of animation!