Simbiat said:
In Russia is everything done "only so it would work". The fact it works does not mean it's working the right way as it should work.
This is a ordinary state of our government. You can get into there through familiar influential figures or be a criminal authority. Our country is ruled by powerful "stupid".

Now about the main:
I checked Roskomnadzor's (RKN) site, their ban register and saw some things:
They ban some pictures from danbooru, gelbooru, sankakucomplex (SC), but didn't block acccess to these sites. And after RKN was sent into hell by SC, RKN banned the article in SC, where it was spoken, but isn't banned access to the site.

I'm sure, that is just only RKN's cunning move to force konachan's administration to block 18+ access for all russians, even for those who are over 18, and this action is wrongfully from RKN, who blind eye to legal code of the Russian Federation.

If konachan's administration will deny the redirection and return all things to square one, no sanctions from RKN will follow, because RKN can't do something, not doing it though the ass.

I believe that the majority of users with russian ip agree with me. Forbidden access can be treated by anonymaizers, but the small part of existing content is the same forbidden access anyway.

If admins will read it, please reply on this message. (and sorry about my english)