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Mass uploading (Software)
Ixô released a software that enables multi-image uploading.

Decompress with 7zip.
Enter on /dist/
Edit config propieties:
- login: Your username
- password: Your password
- salt: So-I-Heard-You-Like-Mupkids-?
- server:
Open jDanbooru.jar, select a folder and tag
Example of config.propieties
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE properties SYSTEM "">
<comment>Configution file for jDanbooru</comment>
<entry key="login">Oyashiro</entry>
<entry key="password">PassWorded</entry>
<entry key="salt">So-I-Heard-You-Like-Mupkids-?</entry>
<entry key="server"></entry>
<entry key="upload_default_value">true</entry>
<entry key="file_renaming">true</entry>
NOTE: flooding crap is not allowed, and upload it with at least one tag
After getting through maybe 3-5 images, it just simply froze for me.
It happened to me too on the first run, then it got solved without touching anything

That's a newer version, so the config.propieties file should be a little different (new options)
New version if anybody is interested

Has some progress bars