I have the same problems with the game, Again, I just played for the story. Game play was meh, mostly a gears of war clone, in terms of cover and vaulting. It was quite linear though.

I didn't like the exploration in ME1 because it felt pointless and I got sick of travelling along copied and pasted planets that have different colors and names as the only difference.

Mining I didn't bother with, I only upgraded my stuff on the 2'nd playthrough. I relied on my biotics (Fully upgraded warp will drop most things in 1 hit)

Edit: Anyone looking forward to the new Kane and lynch? didn't look to amazing to me...
iamZIIIM said:
Edit: Anyone looking forward to the new Kane and lynch? didn't look to amazing to me...
I hear it's only 4-5 hours long. Not worth the money considering there are better/longer 3rd person cover based shooters out there.

Really enjoying Demons Souls. Too bad the servers are getting shutdown in March.
There like isn't any real good games coming out this month and next month except for Quantum Theory I want to try. All the PS3 Move stuff also comes out next month and I quit FF14 as soon as I heard what they planned to do.

Star Wars Force Unleashed II and a new James Bond game comes out later in October, along with 2 PS3 games that interest me. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West and Vanquish.
Just heard that Kane and lynch 2 has really good multilayer...

This is kinda related to video games: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujET5rI6WDw&feature=sub
Arrgh dam..
Dragon age 2 >_< --> Awesomesauce.
Gameplay will 99% be the same I guess, so however awesome the trailers look, it might be hard for me to like it.
I played 1 rather much, but didn't actually enjoy it.
Didnt know there was a new dragon age...

I'll probability download it, or buy it, whatever comes first (still have to get the 1st game).

BTW Artwork, how do you do this (Awesomesauce)(the link thing). I tried it, but couldn't get it to work.
Release date is march 2011, so it isn't here yet xD.

Eeehm Like this;
<<[link in here]|[words here]>>
Don't forget the vertical stripe to separate the 2.
and don't use the ''[]''

Hmm, thats what happened last time I tried, what am I doing wrong?
Oww and don't use the ''[]'' they were to stop it from going berserk xD>
Spaces I guess xD?

There we go. Thanks.
I really need to make that damn Text Formatting FAQ I've been meaning to write-up...

BTW, Artwork, you didn't need to add the brackets and space to your example. The <<|>> formatting doesn't activate until it detects a URL in it. ^_^ Like so:

Anyway, to get back on topic: Anyone here play supreme commander 2?
I wanted to, but never bothered. Played SupCom1 and FA.
Its very different to the 1st games, but I prefer it. Artillery is fun.
Yeah I only played SupCom1, haven't had time for 2. I liked the trailer for DA2, and I liked at least the story for DA1, gameplay could've used some work but at least to me it was one of the more entertaining games that I enjoy.
I played 2 for a while, was rather fun building up a mass reserve of nukes, and then firing them all after each other, take that!!
I like the long ranged artillery, build 12 of those and 10 disruptor cannons and a single volley will wipe out half a base. I normally disable nukes, cuz I turtle and by the time I have a nuke station, the AI already has 4 or 5.
Ah, now I remember why I didn't bother with SupCom2: it uses Steam as copy protection.

I skipped WH40k:DoW2 for the same reason.

I don't mind disc checks (much), online activations, or CD/activation keys...But the thought of needing a near constant online connection with a service running in the background doesn't sit well with me. Granted, it's not as bad as UBISOFT's DRM scheme of late...But still...
Thats where piracy comes into play. Even the ubisoft DRM has been cracked, so no internet is needed.

And Usoft is thinking of getting rid of the dRM (A boycot as big as the one they got after introducing the drm will do that to you).
Well, I still prefer to buy my games. I don't download a game unless it's so damn old/unavailable that the only reasonable why to get it is via download.

I ignore any other game that doesn't catch my attention enough to want to play it.

Using DRM as an excuse to pirate is retard IMHO, but obviously others think differently. I'll talk wuith both my money and my actions: if I don't buy or play a game at all, I have no reason to mention and talk about it with others who haven't played it and possibly get them to buy it. Less possible earning for the publisher overall, maybe.

People who pirate just to spite a company don't realize talking about it with others may actually get more people to buy the game who might not have in the first place. I mean, not everyone who hears a good recommendation of a game from a pirate will pirate the game themselves. They'll go out and buy it since for some, it's easier than hunting down a cracked, working, virus-free copy.
DRM is defective anyway. I have a game that won't install because my computer flat out refuses to allow it.
Thats another reason its being removed, the bugs.

[redacted] games, because:
1. there expensive in Africa.
2. Accessibility is a problem, most games have to be hunted or ordered, and most ordered ones never arrive.
3.Its easy, once you know your groups.
People have their reasons for their actions. While I don't condone some actions, who am I to force my ideals on other people?

That'd be like the UNICEF Japan and Equality Now are trying to pull. I find what they're attempting to do to be pointless and a waste of time/effort; time and effort that can be put to actual PRODUCTIVE activities (like saving kids who are actually living and exist...)

You have your means of living, I have mine. So long as other's actions don't screw up my way of living, I don't really care. I only hate it when dumbasses make life difficult for EVERYONE ELSE in their attempt to make their own life easier. (Or impose their beliefs on others...)

Anyway, back on topic: Anyone here try out Star Ruler or Shattered Union? I'm looking for a decent TBS game to play; otherwise I'll resort to trying to get a copy of MissionForce: Cyberstorm working (correctly) on Win7. (It was a mild pain in the ass to get it working on WinXP...It was designed for Win95 originally.)

And anyone know a good Homeworld-like game? ^_^
I wouldn't know, they don't really make TBS games anymore. Hell the last one I think I played was Star Trek: The Next Generation: Birth of the Federation which was okay I guess. Most TBS games now are like card games like Yu-gi-oh.

And what do you mean by Homeworld-like? Do you mean the gameplay or Genre? I guess theres this Nexus game and another called Star Wolves, but I've never played both of them.
StahnAileron said:
And anyone know a good Homeworld-like game? ^_^
Homeworld 2.
Unfortunately, the rules aren't as easily tweaked.
I have HW2...I kinda didn't like the gameplay experience: it seemed cluttered compared to how streamline HW and HWC were. Ship balancing felt too specialized. HW1 felt more flexible with the Cap >>> Frig >>> Strike >>> Cap general organization (with the reverse role ship in each class here and there). I hated the new squadron system for Strike Craft and the revised formation system in general.

I have Nexus too. Never got into it much. I've heard of Star Wolves, but I haven't read much about it that convinces me to buy and try it for its asking price.
I do love the story and design of the HW series though. I wish they scaled the ships though, cause the ships bigger than fighters and corvettes seemed to be huge (if you look at the "windows/lights" of the ships).

It'd be kinda awesome if they actually opened up a potential story for a HW3. I mean HW2 pretty much finished it at the end but HWC tends to believe that there are other dangers.
They can always just re-boot the series to tell another story and keep the HW name for gameplay aspect.

HW1 had a good story. HW:C was okay/so-so. HW2, while I haven't played it to completion (I got turned off from the revise gameplay mechanics), sounded kinda meh to me.

I loved the amount of background they pured into the series though. That was a lot of backstory they added, especially with the instruction manual formatted to resemble an in-universe briefing/military guide.

HW was like the Descent: Freespace of space-based RTSes. Both had a nice sense of relative scale in actual gameplay, for the most part. The only other games I've played that have that sense of scale was the X3 series of space sims. (Loved the gameplay, hated the general interface: very menu driven for the more complex/in-depth aspects.)

If only someone could make a decent Master of Orion 2/Homeworld hybrid, I'd be happen ^_^ Sins of a Solar Empire was fun, but fuck did a good game take a LONG time to complete: I've clocked over 10 hours for a single game session. It tended to lag in the late-game too, with the amount of crap to track in the game. And late-game large maps get kinda unwieldy, though not as bad as say a Civ4 late-game session.