Textures always throw me off. I can never tell if they're "good" or "bad".
Well, when it comes to actual textures, that's somewhat a matter of preference. But in this one, you can't even make out the original texture. It has been completely lost due to the artifacts.

That splotchy, blurry, off-color noise is due to artifacts.

Artifacts are a problem in many textured images, though most are nowhere near as bad as this. But even levels of JPEG compression that wouldn't normally be much of a problem can make the image look quite a bit worse when they act on a texture throughout the entire image.
So should I... put it back in the garbage can?
You might have missed my first reply since it was the last post on the previous page.

Zolxys said:
Looks like severe JPEG artifacts applied to a full image texture. It really should have been deleted outright rather than left for 3 days.
I re-deleted it.
Zolxys said:
You might have missed my first reply since it was the last post on the previous page.
No, I saw, I just wasn't sure since you hadn't gotten rid of it yourself at that point. :p
I was pretty sure it was still deleted when I checked it. Though I could be wrong...
Re: post #363055 - Deletion reason: Substandard artwork / Looks AI generated.

A request to undelete this was sent by dmail instead of being posted here.
maiwa said:

I understand 3 of my post may be sub par and you deleted but doesn't mean they are AI, I hate it as well. Maybe the Himeko art was bad but can you restore 363055?

Certainly, this one doesn't have quite as much that looks AI. Maybe I could have excluded that part from the deletion reason for this one.

Here are the issues I see:
  • The significantly lighter color skin above the eyebrows looks really weird. And while I do see that in one other image of her to a lesser degree, it doesn't appear to be canon. It makes it look like she's wearing a cheap bald cap and a wig.
  • The position and angle of the elbow on the left arm.
  • Both legs look a bit weird to me.
That's how I see it anyway.
While I do agree with the strange lighter color above the eyebrows, the elbow and legs both look okay to me.
The perspective of the legs might be a bit off, but it is not disturbing in any way. Besides that, the artist Greatodoggo is not known for AI generated images, afaik. I vote for undeletion of this post.

On a different note, there is another version of this image on Yande.re, which I think is okay to upload here.
It is cool whether it remains deleted or restored. just didn't want to label myself as a gross AI uploader ahaha. i thought the greatodoggo post i uploaded got swept in the process because the Himeko art is bad. Glad to see both you guys opinions though!
post #364372 is she loli?
not big difference with post #330435, post #340015 and others explicit arts with her
She's in that gray area. Sometimes she looks older, sometimes she looks younger. I approved that one.
post #364543
Reason: excess jpeg artifacts
I'm not very good at detecting artifacts, but is it really so bad that art should be deleted?

I can use waifu2x or photoshop removal filter, but I'm not sure on what to pay attention to in order to tell if it's fixed or not
Our standards are pretty high so if I can clearly see them upon closer inspection it's usually too heavy to keep. Yume would be a big help in learning more about what to look for. I'm bad with words when it comes to explaining that stuff.

But you can definitely clean it and reupload. We have no rules against that. Althouuuuuggghh waifu2x does have size limitations.
There is an Image Quality page which provides a description of jpeg artifacts including some examples. Maybe it helps to check it out.

A simple indication, without having to look for artifacts, is the file size. Large resolution + a few MB of file size is usually an indication the JPG quality is low.
Thank you, I tried both waifu2x (unlimited version) and photoshop, compared with original, improvements are noticeable. Waifu2x not as good though, maybe because of high resolution? or needed different settings, it work a little slow to test everything.
will try to upload tomorrow, i seem to have exceeded my limit for today, "You can only upload -1 posts today." :')

it's better in png or jpg?
If something is cleaned with waifu it should always be in PNG.
If it cleaned with waifu, yes, it's only PNG, but others cleaning tools allow you to save in jpeg as well, PNG format makes file size too big and it feels unnecessary
If you're cleaning it with something other than Waifu2x, follow the "File formats" guidelines in section 20 of the Image Quality Evaluation page.
Sure, i did follow this, just was confused because waifu2x always saves in PNG despite format.

post #364616
Reason: likely AI
Doesn't look like AI for me, art has 2 versions, one with girl and one without (seems it might be not Ayaka though, just assumed this is her because he drew few other genshin characters before).
It's might be Ai-assisted in some way? I don't know much about it.
Zolxys said in the post #364617 comment section:
Doesn't really look like modern AI. Probably an older AI. Whether or not AI was used, it's pretty clear these are composites. And many warrant deletion just for issues related to that.
We have been discussing the images made by Lifeline in the comments. Parts of the images might be generated by AI or AI-assisted, but even if that is not the case, the poor composition (low and high quality elements mixed) is enough reason for deletion.
Sorry, I missed the discussion
No worries. Thanks for uploading a lot lately ^^
Another day, another appeal :)
post #364706 and 2 childs
Reason: blocking
These are fanbox versions and quality of arts is high, so i'm confused what kind of blocking are there.

Mod Edit: post #364744
Reason: replaced with cleaned version
It's not cleaned, it's just worse - more blurry with blocking and artifacts, compare her hairs, hands and sleeves with original work.
Also voting for undeletion for both post #364706 and post #364744.
post #364706 does have some artifacts, especially when you look at the red colored objects. Still, there are posts with worse quality.
post #364744, keeping the original is fine to me. Yume's replacement has lost a lot of sharpness.
Just bc it's a paid reward doesn't mean the quality is always good.
post #364706 can't helped. This texture with artifacts still looks ugly to me.
BattlequeenYume said:
Just bc it's a paid reward doesn't mean the quality is always good.
post #364706 can't helped. This texture with artifacts still looks ugly to me.
It wasn't undeleted because it's paid reward. Here hundreds of posts with much worse quality, post #363594 (link to image) was one of them, the entire picture can be described as an example of artifacts, and it was acceptable for you?
The image you mentioned was upscaled and cleaned with waifu2x and had no artifacts in it.
BattlequeenYume said:
The image you mentioned was upscaled and cleaned with waifu2x and had no artifacts in it.
Have you checked the image once again? I'm currently looking at it, and if it meets the site standards, I can just use waifu2x on almost every image and upload.