iamZIIIM said:
My comp can handle Crysis on ultra with no complaints so doom is no issue for me, and I've been on a console since i was 4+-, pc is actually new to me.
No no no, not console as in PS2 or Xbox, console as in the games console.

iamZIIIM said:
I did enjoy the Half lifes, don't wont to give the impression that I don't. They are just too overrated, the only different thing in them is the gravity gun, other than that is basically just a generic FPS, but its enjoyable.

Oh and I adore most horror games, even though they don't scare me.
Yes but HL is more then a FPS, its a FPS puzzle game, unlike halo or Metal of Honor where you run around and kill everything that moves, this you have to use your brain to solve puzzle's. I hope to see more games like this in the future.