X-COM is about as old as dirt (early/mid-90's). You need DOSbox or some other DOS emulator to run it well. They patched a Windows version a few years ago, but it had a oversight in the programming that made it runnable but unplayable on high-end systems: game speed was directly proportional to system/processor speed. Suffice to say the game was design for 486's/first-gen Pentiums...Not cool running on a 2.8GHz P4 system. There was a un-official fan-made patch to auto-clock the game speed back to playable speeds though.

Last good PS3 game I played was God of War 3. I got Soul Calibur 4 recently. They changed A LOT of gameply mechanics/char move sets (I can't use Talim as well as I used to...But I was never a really good play SC player to begin with...) Otherwise, I've played Valkyria Chronicles (much better than the anime), Armored Core 4 and 4/For Answer, WipeOut HD (w/ Fury Add-on). I've got a few other PS3 games, but those are the ones I've sunk the most time into. (Most of my other PS3 games are more casual/short duration games, like vertical/horizontal shooters.)