StahnAileron said:

Me, I've never been much for MMO's: I play games to relieve the stress of dealing with idiots and assholes IRL. MMO's kinda negate that aspect for me...^_^; It's not like I haven't played MMO's...I just get bored or annoyed after a month or two of playing. (Grinding sucks in most MMO's with very little reward justifying it in the end...Well, for me at least. I can't comment on others' motivation...Like some WoW players...)
Lol, the economy of Mabi is like this
You got three groups,
1:Poor noobs (either harrassed by idiots or helped)
2:Moderate player (95% of people are this and normally keep well by doing the ussual Dungeon or Shadow Mission)
3:Rich Idiots IRL ( These are the no lifers that spend around 100$ or so on premium content every month and think they are better because of that)

In other words, you dont have to grind to get good stuff, just do normal stuff :P

But, bleh you'll never play Mabi :P

~Bleh, another uselessly pathetic post by an idiot.