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Since when did Konachan enforce a 2-tag search limit?
I've been using Konachan for the past year or so, and until recently it seemed I could search using an unlimited number of tags (either that, or I never went above 6 tags). I haven't been on for about a week or two, and suddenly, when I try to search using more than two tags, I can't search. When did this limit go into effect, and where is the option for a premium account, if there is any? I could've sworn there weren't any appreciable limits even 2 weeks back. Is there really a new 2-tag limit or is it just a bug? Now I can't even search for specific resolutions by both width and height, let alone use any other filtering tags with them.
If I recall correctly (seeing as how it's 6am), you can search more then two tags but you still get the little notice, I believe the limit was at 6. Ofcourse Shuugo may have changed when he did some site maintenance.
Limit's been at 6 far as I know. If you search for more than that, it spits the 6-tag error out.

Also, the site's been going under renovations/maintenance on the backend as of late, so something may have gotta glitched here and there.

Anyway, seems fine to me. It might've just been a bug. Kona had something of an overhaul a couple weeks back.
Should be fixed now.
15 days old? Well I'm ressurecting because it's happening again.

Except this time it looks a little on purpose. Did you change this?
There was a system update done a day or so ago. A lot of things got changed internally. The admin will probably investigate that as soon as he sees your post.
And should be fixed again.