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Do any of you guys play this epic game? I totally like how you can alter the whole gameworld to your liking. If anyone is interested, I uploaded a couple of videos on my newly created youboob channel:
Can you download it? And if yes, where?
Played the free version for a bit. Ended up buying it a few days ago.
iamZIIIM said:
Can you download it? And if yes, where?
See the description of the videos.
So this game is like the 'Creation' in Gmod, only increased...?
To all those who are interested: Due to server problems, mincraft can currently played for free, enabling anyone to try it out.
It works on Win, Mac and Linux btw.
It looks like another type of Blockland....I don't need to go back there.....>.<
Well... I think they are quite different. But it's your decision :)
Yeah, minecraft is pretty entertaining. These took me about 2-3 hours each, but worth it in the end. Too bad this server's not up anymore, I used to get quite a few comments on these. Reimu was the first, but it turned out mediocre, Cirno was second, which turned out much better, and Flandre was my favorite, but I didn't have another shade of yellow for her hair, so it turned out kind of ugly.

Fun times, though.
Well the classic version is quite a bit different from the alpha (survival mode). You actually have to mine and stuff. It add quite a lot of fun to the game.
Still, that art is neat :)