Been a while, wasn't expecting the friendly topic to have to be continued. :p
Oh, hey you! *waves frantically*
emmy-kun... just hit quote to see how I did it. But basically it's just a matter of


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Wowa Emmy somebody got down on their knees for you.
But 5 kids. wah!
Sounds like a good topic...


Hmm... I guess two or three. Allways wanted twins.
I want one boy, and one girl. I want them to be Asian. Or, I want someone to have my babies for me.

Also, I do not know how to take care of babies.

Artwork said:
Wowa Emmy somebody got down on their knees for you.
Good. I am in to that.
*Is an Asian*

I didn't get down on my knees k'?

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I want wholly Asian babies, who do not have parents of their own. Ah, but then you gotta think about how your parents are gonna feel about it...
minabi would ideally spare Earth (and itself) the horror of miniature, more determinedly obnoxious minabi-spawn darting about the place...
I'd rather not have kids, but it would ultimately be up to my wife. I would also rather adopt just because I'd rather not spread my genes, and there are already way too many people in the world anyways, but accidents happen... ;P
otaku_emmy said:
I want wholly Asian babies, who do not have parents of their own. Ah, but then you gotta think about how your parents are gonna feel about it...
Same. I would like to adopt 1 or 2 cure Asians. Girls. But I would also like my "own" child. Boy or girl.
3max. 2 preferably. I hate babies. I adore young, smart and well mannered children.
As of right now? Zero. If I happen to find a truly amazing girl, maybe with 30 at the earliest I'd want to have 1 child.
*Can't see why you would want Asian kids so much*
*Finds almost all kids cute... especially lolis of all races and ethnicity*
Freenight said:


*Hides from the manic, booming voice*

...A sea of blood that swallowed an entire city as undead, malformed animal and human corpses rose from its depths... it was wonderful...

I don't think I'd like kids... nor would I trust myself with the future and upbringing of a fellow human... but my opinion of myself isn't the highest. Maybe I'd be a great caretaker/father... or maybe child services would bust down my door to save the poor thing... then again... I think I'm younger than most of you guys (17) so maybe its natural for me to lack confidence here.

noitis said:
Look here.
...OK, that made even me smile.
Like FoliFF, I would like twins... girls to be precise.
noRain_noRainbow said:
Like FoliFF, I would like twins... girls to be precise.
Oooh.... A woman with the same answer as me....
Freenight said:
I loath to pass on my gene
I would actually like to pass mine on, I think I have some pretty good stuff here. It's the mate that becomes questionable. Yet again, if I remember correctly, we're not questioning that.
Pretty good stuff ehh.
You mean the genes for appearance and such? Considering you can't know or 'see' what your other genes are.
I mean you might have a bad gene for some sickness, but it's not dominant. You find your perfect 'mating partner' but coincidentally he has that gene as well. You both pass it on to your little kid and then?
I could care less about genes, while you could get your genetics checked before you decided to get a child of course, I'm more worried about finding a partner which will actually last me a life time.
Everyone seem to want Asian child somehow......... I'd go for 3 regardless of gender and.... I've been into the line of caretaker for the toddler and adolescent,despite they crap their pants and whine almost the whole day..... I find those caretaker days were one with the most events and a bit.... Fun....

Aren't there enough Asians on the planet already...? =P


Edit: Oh wait, I forgot for a moment there that Asians are overpowered. Of course we want more Asians. Nevermind.
If I adopt. I will adopt from Asia.
If I get my own kid erh.. wait. I can't decide between a beautiful European wife or beautiful Asian wife.
Well, it's not like I don't want to see a woman pregnant and knowing the father is me, but I have to think of the children as well. I can't say something like this to them, now can I?
That's just cruel. What's wrong with your mind dudeee :c.
What started lovely ended crazy.

She just wanted the D.
Freenight... Would you ever tell the girls how it went down in full gruesome detail, and try to raise them to become like you? I would give you more minabi points for that than sugarcoating it. I think "humanity" could use a few more, um... deviants. =P
minabi-kun, you would have to wait until the girls are grown up to know the answer to that one, since even I won't know myself. 'sides, deviants are deviants. You could hardly expect them to grow up as you expect them. Deviants can come from any household, which is why they're called such.

Oh and Arty? It never even got to lovely, not for her.
minabiStrikesAgain said:
Aren't there enough Asians on the planet already...? =P
Technically, Japan's population is decreasing because women aren't having enough children.

And we wouldn't be MAKING more Asians, we'd be adopting ones that already existed.

Also, I would make a freakin' beautiful baby if I used my own eggs. Just sayin'. The hereditary stuff might turn out to be a crap shoot, though. And speaking of how we'd raise them, I'd never let my girls wear pants.
If we talk about population control then the country in question need every family need to make 2-3 babies per generation. Having 4+ children will go out of control and if you making 0-1 babies there won't be enough people to keep the nation stable either.

Now this if we exclude everything else such as immigration and emigration, wars, epidemic etc. and only thinking of people living inside the said country.
Japan has, like, the EXACT OPPOSITE problem that America does.
I thought America has enough land for several millions more? Perhaps you do not have enough for food production.... or do you?