Freenight said:
Now then... if only minabi and PAIIS could repost their comments here we could continue as before
My comment was just comemnting on the fact that the last page wouldn't load. I thought Minabi might have deleted his comment on the 667 page, and that was what was screwing it up. Nothing really adding to the conversation(s).

Cade said:
So PAIIS, how went that story you were writing?
The one I think you're thinking of got up to chapter 25. It was for my undergrad thesis. In the end, I don't think the story could be fully realized in a novel form. Too expansive, and too anime/shonen/videogame influenced. I'd originally thought of it as an rpg type story anyhow.

For grad school I've been more focused on short fiction. I might try to tackle another novel for the thesis, but it won't be so sci-fi or fantasy.

FoliFF said:
It is your fault, you damn robot that breaks the system.

I was aiming for that comment number 20000, too. As were others, I suppose. Now, no one can have it. That's kinda nice in it's own way though.

edit: nevermind, slayerduck stole it.