All right. A bit of a clarification on the topic of lolis.

First and foremost - there is no actual ban as of right now on hosting loli content on the website. We only advertise with Jlist right now and the country where the server is hosted doesn't have laws prohibiting such content. However, if that were to change in the future we might be in a situation where we need to purge loli from the site.

With that out of the way.... let's talk about what actually counts as a loli. By my definition - anything that looks child-like, lacks breasts of any description and otherwise has the physical appearance of a child. post #181863 according to Slayerduck is a very flat teenage girl which isn't a loli.

So, yes, there is a lot of grey area.

How do you moderate it? However you deem worthy as an individual. As a general rule of thumb - if it's a girl with breasts - it's not a loli. If it's a tall girl without breasts - it's not a loli.

So to reiterate - there is no ban on Loli content but consider the fact that we might have to remove it in the future. Moderate based on your opinion, it's a grey area, I can't outline specific rules for you to follow.

Note: If I have any understanding of what a loli is - neither of those images can be considered a loli.

Note #2: Furries are automatically excluded from this conversation as those do not fall under any bans (usually).