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The demon named boredom~
We all know what boredom does to us, makes us sluggish, makes feel like doing other things, and sometimes can create great things.

I am asking what you do when you are bored, and if you create things when bored, what is it that you are intrigued at making?

For me, I just so recently wrote a short story out of boredom, some of the references are from Mabinogi. So don't be like, "Ehhh? What's that? Blah Blah Blah, fail, Blah."

~Edit The Dtext be hating me so I can't post it as a spoiler,
Just go here ~
Spoiler can't have all those how'd you call em...Paragraphs.

And Did you write it out of boredom?
I'll read it when I have more time, time for bed now.
you could change the wording of the link, Like this, Anyway, t'wass an interesting story, not my styke though, so i didnt really enjoy it.

When im bored, I normally make pics using my blood, or I play some games, work on an amv, or sometimes write short stories.
Lul, I knew you would say that .w.
Especially the things you enjoy doing.
I'd vote for you but my gaia life ended a long time ago....>.>
@goggles: Really. Just shows how boring my life is anyway...

@Cuda: What are we voting for?
My Art Arena post on Gaia.

LOL! epic fail moderator is a fail.

He moved my thing to fanfic thinking Mabinogi was an anime/manga
Then I told him that it was a game and I merely used terms from it,
Then I got a message saying it was sent to original forums...

fyi:I'm talking about my post on the forums.
Oh. can't be bothered geting an account for that.

I s'pose thats an easy mistake to make, if you dont know anything about games...

Got a message on gia saying: this is the COOLIST place to hang out. Seriously, if they had there heads any further up their own asses, they'd be in danger of choking on their own heads...
Goggles:D said:
LOL! epic fail moderator is a fail.
Main reason I left gaia, got into to many fights with the staff. I wonder if my accounts are still here.
Cuda007 of course, I forget the name of my mule tho.
I only am on it because a friend of mine on Mabinogi goes on it too...
curious: what kinda fights?

i only go on gaia to play zomg, but recently there's been some bugs, so i havent been doing anything.
Some old forum stuff new mod were to soft core for some of us older people, that was the main thing.
Boredom inspires in me what I would normally not do. I don't mean something like rob a bank or whatever, though that does seem like fun. I usually end up writing spontanious fan-fics or one shot dramas for no reason other than to throw them away later. That or the ultimate fall back... Video games.