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Need Horror...NEED HORROR! (Chomps down on your head)
I can never find enough good horror genre animes anymore...
Does anyone recommend any to me?
hmmm....horror. only ones i really know of are elfen lied and gantz(though, you've probly already seen those)
i watched a little bit of serial experiments lain: it's more psychological than anything
here's a list of "top 10" have at it!
You would need to define horror and give us examples of what you've seen to date that fall under the genre (as defoned by you.)

I suggest anime like how I build computers for other people: I do a brief interview and gauge the person's wants/need before spouting out stuff. ^_^

Anyway, as an advance: Denpa Teki Na Shoujo is pretty cool if you haven't watched it yet. Only 2 eps (out of a supposed 3 ep OAV series) produced and released so far. Based on a set of novels. Psychological Thriller. This was my mindfuck series to balance out the ecchi/moe/SoL binge I had over the past year.
Gantz and elfen lied aren't really horror though...
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iamZIIIM said:
Gantz and elfen lied aren't really horror though...
That's why I asked to have "horror" defined and examples given.

The list Davis linked too is more psych thrillers than true horror. When I see "horror", I think of shows that try to scare or creep you out. Most of the entries on that list don't really do that. There's also the fact that many horror shows also have elements of Psych thriller in them, so there's a bit of overlap.

High School of the Dead is more horror. (Well, Action Horror with gratuitous Fanservice, weighing in more on Fanservice & Action ^_^;)
Is Highschool of the dead considered horror? I thought it was comedy/action, but I think most horror movies and games are more comedy than horror, so don't mind me.
There's not as much humor as you probably think. At least not in the anime version. I can't comment on the original manga. It has it moments with humor, but it's fairly well timed and they never really dwell on it.

I'd say it's Action Horror with a heavy emphasis on Action.
that's exatly why i put "top 10" in quotes(""). i really don't know how other people define horror to themselves.
me: anything where people die so gore-ish (like elfen lied and gantz), and and starts with the psychological thing, is horror to me
I hate my kind of horror .... and my kind of horror is a heart attack based on bad couples. Shuffle for example .... but now I like it after I played the game.... games. I'm waiting for Princess? Princess! to come out.
I unno' I found the anime of HOTD very funny, I've only seen 2 episodes though, so that's probably why.

@Davis: I find anything with blood n' gore funny. Psychological stuff entertains me, but doesn't scare me.

Truly terrifying, click at your own risk
iamZIIIM said:
@Davis: I find anything with blood n' gore funny.
dude, that's just not rite...well, to each his own.
Nah. i'm just sadistic. Very.
Highschool of the Dead
Genres: action, drama, horror, romance, thriller
Themes: fanservice, Gore, zombies
Romance? Anything with zombies cant have romance surely.

Random question: What the first thing you do during a zombie Apocalypse?
get out the stakes and have a barbeque.
NO. That's the 2'nd thing you do. The first is DEFEND THE CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SciFi said:
Highschool of the Dead
Genres: -not interested-, -not interested-, -not interested-, romance, -not interested-
Themes: -not interested-, -not interested-, -not interested-,
*puts on plan-to-watch list*
You like romance stuff?
Yes. Mainly those like True Tears, Onegai Teacher, Onegai Twins, Myself;Yourself, etc. Those anime that have a planned and clear who-to-be-couple from the start. If it doesn't end that way I'll get emotionally unstable for like a week. Funny how it all started with Da Capo ... ya I was so ... dunno how to say.... tens? back then when I watched it.... but I seriously think it all started with Shuffle @ anime, then followed by Kimi ga Nozomu Eien.

Like if in Occult Academy, the main protagonist doesn't fall in love and HOPEFULLY confess and all things end kind of happy between him and Maya ..... I'll have a "heart attack", to say it like that.
Wow. Your very emotionally unstable.

I normally hate the romance animes, unless theres killing, then i'm o.k with it.

The only romance animes I liked were: list

But I haven't seen much anime anyway (only 20+-). If I had better internet....
Sheesh, if anyone is going to mention any Horror around here, they have to tell you to watch Higurashi and Umineko. I'm sure I can look for some others but I'm too lazy at the moment.

I like almost all genres, maybe a couple I don't like, but it just means I'll watch anything. @Tensa I like Da Capo, I mean that first season was pretty good. Unfortunately the only romance type anime I laughed at the whole time was Saikano. Nothing was particularly wrong with that anime and it didn't suck (to a point), but I just felt like thinking it was funny instead of what it was intended for. Oh yeah it had a lot of killing too, but really weird.
I liked SHUFFLE! because of the fact it didn't end the way I expected.

KimiNozo was another thing...At first I was like "WTF?!" But later as I thought about the series and discussed it with a friend, it kinda made sense.

I'm just glad they didn't toss the sister into the mix as a viable choice in the anime version (they kinda hinted at it in one scene.) I hate it when a series just randomly throws in more girls halfway into a series. Love Hina did that and I despise its latter parts (the OAVs and the last few volumes of the manga. I love the X-mas Special and I tolerate the Spring Special.)

ToraDora was a series I like as a whole, but hated the ending because it was so cliched and predictable (not very hard to see who would be paired within the first couple eps.) I still praise Ami as what kept the series in check and enjoyable overall.

iamZIIIM said:
I wouldn't consider half of those Romance, really...AB! has elements in the latter parts, but Sekirei is pure Harem and Fanservice. (Though the original manga has some actual plot. The manga/anime divergence split hard in the latter half of the anime.)

R+V is MUCH better in Manga form: it has real plot arcs.
Yea I realized that but I put those down more for my point.

R+V in manga is MUCH better than the anime.
Side note: is there gonna be a 3rd season of R+V (anime)
@Stahn: Agreed. Shuffle is awesome, KimiNozo as well, but you know they made an OVA based off the spin-off game of KimiNozo thats focused on the sister, but with a guy at her school, then theres the other games associated with it. (Can't remember them right now.)

Sadly the manga of a lot of past anime at much better because sometimes the manga isn't quite up enough that the anime splits off half the time or something different. Thats why an anime like Bleach suffers with fillers.

Some anime that have followed the manga 90% perfectly (there are others but I remember these off the top of my head): HotD, Soul Eater (half-way), Kimi ni Todoke, Flame of Recca (Even though the anime ended half-way in the manga), and Claymore (up till the whole "last boss" part).
Akane Maniax? I tried to watch it...It hurt...Dude was annoying as hell.

The Muv-Luv series is also associated with KimiNozo, being by the same dev/studio. Part of Muv-Luv is supposed to take place in the same time-line and universe as KimiNozo, in fact. Muv-Luv Alternative is the one I would like to see adapted to anime, but I haven't heard of age (the dev studio) doing anything regarding their current franchises. Last thing from them anime-wise was the Haruka-ending OAV series for KimiNozo.

I prefer the idea of basing anime off games, as in most cases, the source material is already complete. Manga-anime adaptations can be iffy in that regard, depending on the series, orig author, and the studio (and possibly the licensing terms...)

VN's I think are the best sources since they tend to be story/char driven for the most part (considering their gameplay).

There's some logical reasoning on my part behind why I think games make better source material overall for production reasons...But I think my post is long enough as-is. If anyone is interested, I can expand on the thought later. ^_^;
Yeah, games are a good source but they sometimes don't go that route cause if theres a game of it, why watch an anime when you can just play it? Though I understand when it's of the Bishoujo game genre. Amagami and Kimikiss are examples of this and are really good shows, especially Amagami currently. Since games are more complete too is another reason, but if it's a series that has sequals, then thats hard and Xenosaga failed on that (Anime wise). What I want to see is a BlazBlue anime because it just feels that it needs to be done at some point.

Btw how would you rate the Valkyria Chronicles anime? I know they tried to do it in a good way but it didn't turn out the way it probably hoped, but I never finished it due to time restrictions.

Oh and yes the guy from Akane Maniax made me want to shoot people like that at the time.
You want me to judge VC standalone, or against the original game?

  • As an anime, VC is okay, somewhat mediocre.
  • As an adaptation...They kinda fucked it up in my view. They changed a bit more than necessary, especially in regards to Faldio's role. A couple changes made sense, but Faldio's gave me a "WTF...?" moment. The game felt a lot more polished and coherent, especially in regards to the romance aspect.
Bardiche752 said:
...if theres a game of it, why watch an anime when you can just play it?
You're more likely to get a fansub of the anime than you are to get a translation of the game (at least in a timely-ish manner, if at all.) Especially with VN's ^_^ Couple other reasons I can think of as well, but that's the main one, IMHO.