I liked SHUFFLE! because of the fact it didn't end the way I expected.

KimiNozo was another thing...At first I was like "WTF?!" But later as I thought about the series and discussed it with a friend, it kinda made sense.

I'm just glad they didn't toss the sister into the mix as a viable choice in the anime version (they kinda hinted at it in one scene.) I hate it when a series just randomly throws in more girls halfway into a series. Love Hina did that and I despise its latter parts (the OAVs and the last few volumes of the manga. I love the X-mas Special and I tolerate the Spring Special.)

ToraDora was a series I like as a whole, but hated the ending because it was so cliched and predictable (not very hard to see who would be paired within the first couple eps.) I still praise Ami as what kept the series in check and enjoyable overall.

iamZIIIM said:
I wouldn't consider half of those Romance, really...AB! has elements in the latter parts, but Sekirei is pure Harem and Fanservice. (Though the original manga has some actual plot. The manga/anime divergence split hard in the latter half of the anime.)

R+V is MUCH better in Manga form: it has real plot arcs.