@Stahn: Agreed. Shuffle is awesome, KimiNozo as well, but you know they made an OVA based off the spin-off game of KimiNozo thats focused on the sister, but with a guy at her school, then theres the other games associated with it. (Can't remember them right now.)

Sadly the manga of a lot of past anime at much better because sometimes the manga isn't quite up enough that the anime splits off half the time or something different. Thats why an anime like Bleach suffers with fillers.

Some anime that have followed the manga 90% perfectly (there are others but I remember these off the top of my head): HotD, Soul Eater (half-way), Kimi ni Todoke, Flame of Recca (Even though the anime ended half-way in the manga), and Claymore (up till the whole "last boss" part).