You want me to judge VC standalone, or against the original game?

  • As an anime, VC is okay, somewhat mediocre.
  • As an adaptation...They kinda fucked it up in my view. They changed a bit more than necessary, especially in regards to Faldio's role. A couple changes made sense, but Faldio's gave me a "WTF...?" moment. The game felt a lot more polished and coherent, especially in regards to the romance aspect.
Bardiche752 said:
...if theres a game of it, why watch an anime when you can just play it?
You're more likely to get a fansub of the anime than you are to get a translation of the game (at least in a timely-ish manner, if at all.) Especially with VN's ^_^ Couple other reasons I can think of as well, but that's the main one, IMHO.