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I'm new member
I'm new here n i got question on my images approval
The problem such as below:
[This post is pending moderator approval] ,
[What happen when don't get approve within 3 days ?]

Can anyone tell me? Thanks
Well. If it's pending moderator approval it means that a moderator has yet to approve of that image. So if in three days no moderator approves of it, it gets deleted.

Welcome to Konachan. If you are wondering about something, you can check our FAQ and Guide entry.
I see,thx for the info Tensa.
Sry again 2 annoying u because i have checked the stated requirement to post a image that exclude of (watermark).

What about if a user post his or her image with e.g (wallpaper by XYZ) etc without mention any website on the image?

Thanks for your help again.
Well watermarked images are allowed. If you want to credit a wallpaper maker or an artist go ahead. But remember that the artist is the one who draws the girls or boys or whatever is in the image. The wallpaper maker is the one who applies some brushes and things of the sort to make a wallpaper out of the original image.
For example we have post #16903 . That is a wallpaper made by someone. That someone did not draw the girl. He simply edited the image. The original image from which that wallpaper was made is here. The artist is marked on the left with a yellow tag.

In any case, it's kind of pointless to credit a wallpaper maker since they credit themselves on the image @ signed and watermarked. So just credit the artist of the original image if you want to. We don't ask anyone to credit anyone. It's all up to them.
I'm newbi 2 and I don't know how 2 change avatar
Could u help me?
The set avatar button in the image options.