Artwork said:
I still don't know why people would want every single image on Kona?
Because 19 out of 20 images i really like.
And I'm an obsessive weabuu.
On my hardrives i has at least 6 million hentai/anime/ecchi etc images completely organized.

From what i know Konachan probably has more than 200k images.
Which takes A pretty good minute to download 1 by 1.
I've been downloading konachan images 1 by 1 for the longest and it was an accidentally click on google that lead me to find out shuugo hosted gigs of images through torrents.

I breath anime. So i find it fun to have so many images as references.
Especially when I'm drawing and has writers/draw block.

Uhmm i don't want every picture just most of them seing as the images here r professional cg's rather than rule 34 amateur drawings made on ms paint.

Did i make sense? Probably not.