FoliFF said:
Haha you have done it now eh Arty? :D

I would just say that people that link nudity or other NSFW or sites that is NSFW should at least give head ups for others.
Yeah, I assumed if I keep talking about it every once in a while it's better to have a separate thread for it.

Kumacuda said:
Just throwing this out there, please keep images related to you, lets not turn this into a 4chan trap thread.
Yes I agree. However linking images which might have inspired you are fine to me. Or if you need an image to explain something. That's why I mentioned there are better places on the internet to find CD/Trap material (or post it for that matter).

Cade said:
This is why normal people think anime fans are deviants.
Meh. Don't care.

onisonfire said:
nice! yeahh i've actually done this but idk...i wonder if i'll ever do it again ;) was fun though...
Ahh cool =D - Cosplay orientated or just normal girl clothes?