kokiriloz said:
w-what about reverse traps? i'm sure the females here might appreciate it ;p
Well then go do that yourself.

Artwork said:
Sure can do!
Dressing up as the other genre still eh! =D

Also I got a Sailor Mars lingerie set :P. I believe it was only 6$? Ordered it in January, but package didn't get through the customs in China, so they recently send it again.

Without further ado. Some Sexy-ish shots.
Image 1. Wearing a skirt over the pantsu here.
Image 2. Ass shot. Bow tie on the back here =D.
Image 3. Frontal shot. Yes I'm still a guy underneath the little bit of clothes there lol.

But the size is perfect! Material isn't super, but it is really comfy, so no complains there either.
More a girl than anything else, Looks better than most girls would.

Are you sure you are a guy?