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Have you see this image before?
I found an image thayt i thing orginated from Konachan. The thing is, I dont know where the image is on this site. Here's the image: (Links to Myspace Image: LDTF Logo)

Could someone PLEASE identify that image and link me to the location?
Im happy to have an Anime Name, but where's the image and who orginally owns it?
ah, ok. i turned on javascript special for you. and this post is from danbooru suigetsu (spoiler, sample Post #29697), there is no such wallpaper on konachan. And, if you're interested, it's game:
um...what the hell is this? The game, image linked to have no relation to that logo thing. I still cant locate it...
Give the full link to the logo please, I do not use myspace, therefor don't know how their addresses work.
You got a better image, but its Suiseiseki from Rozen Maiden
thats why im here. I need the orginal to it. We suffered a Complete Data wipe out and it was distroyed. Im confident the image came from either Konachan or Desuchan. Im 100% sure on that. I saw it on Google Image's. Dont remember what I had typed to get it. But...