SciFi said:
D: Now I have to rehome all the source vectors, and the couple that never got to wp.
Any suggestions.. other than Danbooru?
Well if it's SFW and it's quality is good ... E-Shuushuu sound OK. You don't need moderator approval or anything. Vectors are accepted. Only one thing... do not watermark. You can sign yourself on it, and put (xxxxx = user) .... thus it's like the artist site. But simply won't work .... your animepaper or minitokyo account as well (just don't watermark it with the site, but with your account ... thou it's not supported). And Shuu is strict with tags. You can ask me to fill you in with the tags before uploading it there. Yes! They haunt you if you don't tag them with everything you can!

Best regards, Dovac! Hope you find a job.... it's pretty hard to find one in this times.