Gender-bending. hah.

I love doing things that make people go "wtf" especially when it deconstructs culturally informed gender roles and stigmas. I've done a lot of hilarious things in this ballpark. Unfortunately, no stories. Friends might know I post here. xD

I've been into fitness hardcore since I was 14 and regrettably I cannot pull off a convincing trap these days. *tears*

( ie. thanx to age combined with just typical gender dimorphism. )

Well, unless anybody wants to see some "so bad it's good" comedy anyways.

Artwork said:
Cade said:
This is why normal people think anime fans are deviants.
Meh. Don't care.
You actually have no idea how happy reading this makes me... People around here are so god damn stuffy and anally retentive about everything.

Life is way too short & valuable to waste worrying about what other people think of you. ;>

It's your life and you don't belong to anybody, so you might as well live it the way you want. Public opinion be damned. xD

SarahNL said:

Artwork said:
Just out of curiosity not sure if it has been asked before. But are you not allowed to get a par-time job Sarah?
Even if I were to work every day of the week every hour of each day, it wouldn't be enough.

I wouldn't have anything for myself.
Don't mean to intrude but why is that? I have extremely close friends living in Netherlands, so I'm just wondering if your situation is all that different from theirs.


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Something about lightinthebox that I cann't find in the thread now...