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I'm sorry if this seems like a stupid request but I'm a really big fan of Anime and I'd like some help on trying to make wallpapers...

I'f anyone could help me, I'd really appreciate it.

I don't know how to start or where to start or anything.
you can try to trace some nice screenshot for start (like vector and transparent).
but don't post it here, please (try other resources first).
Ok. Thank you.
Help! Who can draw more picture Zatsune Miku because I love she!!!PLEASE!
Hawthornekitty can. Ask her. Shes brilliant.
Doesn't HawthorneKitty only upload, not actually draw? (´・ω・`)
When in doubt, Google is your answer.
Xtea said:
Doesn't HawthorneKitty only upload, not actually draw? (´・ω・`)
Thats what I was thinking.
Lawl, get a Bachelor of Art's Degree or something. xD jks

Anyways, I heard, that before most of these artists ever started drawing anime. They were refining their skills in life-like sketching of humans. Then overtime as they learned the human anatony properly they changed a few things (e.g. style they draw the eyes) to suite anime style. This way they could properly draw a girl in any pose with details and all. Then all you have to learn is colouring.

So I don't know.. I think it would be helpful if you learned that way if you were going to start to learn, it sounds reasonable. But meh, you don't really have to I guess, you could just skip to the anime drawing part. That's what I'm doing. xD But supposedly it's harder.