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Am I banned?
Hey there, admins.

I'm the owner of the imageboards crawler at
Recently I've discovered that I'm unable to connect to Konachan from my IP while it's easily accessible from elsewhere. Have you banned my host? If so, can you tell me why and how can I fix that?

If this isn't fixed some time soon I'll have to remove Konachan from the search db (it won't impact it much with 4 mln. pics anyway). I am not trying to threaten you of course.

Thanks for understanding.
The IP 93.x.67 is not banned, but there are other ways to stop bots.
Bots can be a significant drain on bandwidth and resources, it is not uncommon for a site to limit access.
IP disclosure is bad thing.

Ping, traceroute, telnet connection?
Check DNS, since server was updated.
Basically to unban your bot you would need:

- Use a proper user-agent
- Respect robots.txt
- Don't hotlink the images. (You currently use your server to download the image, then displaying it to the client, this is bad in so many ways)
OK, I have removed Konachan from the index because it bothered you too much.
Sorry for the trouble.