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search question
so I'm new here, just found this place in -somewhere out there-.

I tryed to search 'loli uncensored' or 'loli rating:e', but no results that I could see. but just 'rating:e' or 'undcensored' its fine.

what do I need to do to be able to make this kind of search?

tks in advance and sorry if I'm breaking any rules just posting this.
those types of images aren't available to the unprivileged accounts.
actually, i think only mods and the admin can see them.
post #37044 was just released. some girls are close to loli, but their not, so the mods let it go.
oh, tyvm

well, I think its easier continue in other sites then, like Danbooru itself or Gebooru.

I dont think its nice to have such posts if users cant see them... D:
They weren't always censored, It's a recent change, in fact they are being deleted anyways.
my aspiration to be mod has just been flushed down the toilet!!! wah!!!!!*starts bawlin'*jk, i have no intention to be mod, just a konachaner is fine w/me.
They not being deleted forever, just moved to a private location, in the ban is lifted, they'll be put back on.
I went through and checked all the loli and flat_chest a couple weeks ago. Characters like Kuroko and Taiga got moved from loli to flat.

Danbooru also censor all the really explicit loli posts, you need to be privileged to see them.

If you so bothered by it, did you ever consider what your government had had hidden from you?
2435 data requests
398 removal requests, for a total of 19806 items
67.6% of removal requests fully or partially complied with
And that is just what Google have made public.
ya know sci, it's just creepy when you do stuff like that.
knowing our IP, i mean.
I know right, it is kinda creepy *shivers*
Please tell me how? i want to know. wantwantwantwantwa
want etc...
um, ZIIIM? you didn't have ta' do that...
anyways... imho, i think this topic needs to go the way of the dinosaur, since it's subject has been taken care of.
Davis_500 said:
ya know sci, it's just creepy when you do stuff like that.
knowing our IP, i mean.
Sci has been and will forever be creepy 8D
The site records your IP so Mods know if you are using multiple accounts.
After that it's easy enough to use either Google or a specific search.
For example, is somewhere in Mountain View, USA. But that is as accurate as it gets unless you use the network of an institution like a university or college.

Although, in this case you just need to look up the address of the Google data centre or office. is the Google Public DNS.

In fact, I encourage you to go look at Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California, United States in Street View.
Davis_500 said:
um, ZIIIM? you didn't have ta' do that...
Sorry, that was the serial killer in me, such a useful thing to know, if someone pisses me off I can find there location and skin them while they sleep.

I agree with the locking of the thread.