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Who Were You? And How was it?
Who are you gonna be for halloween? or, if you don't do the halloween thing, who would like to be?

me, i'm thinking vash_the_stampede. i like the autorevolver part ^_^
edit:it does NOT have to be an anime character.

edit: okay, switching this thread to past tense, and asking how your halloween was(i.e., how much candy did you get ^_^)
well, mine was the norm
For the love of god, yes.

Would be fun though, but I haven't done any 'cosplaying' since 6'th grade. Or whatever. We didn't really do Halloween anyway, we have something called 'Carnaval', for you americans it would be Carnival.
You people probably know it, don't really know if it's popular down there, but it is here. We get 1 week of holiday somewhere in Februari/march, which is called the Carnavals Vakantie => Carnival Holiday, and at the age of 16, Carnaval equals getting more than a bit drunk, and acting stupid.

Wait I went totally offtopic here. My my, sorry for that XD.
F*ck yea, Crash FTW.
I hate candy actually..
And like said, no halloween here.. Though my Mom said a group of girls came to our door this year. Tried to scare my mom, but since we got 2 doors connected to our frontyard the girls were standing at the wrong door XD! So they yelled something while the other door got opened haha.
I did see special halloween pumpkins in store last week, so maybe in 10 years time we can also celebrate halloween wide and openly.
One can only hope...
is halloween taboo in holland?
No. It is just not a custom here.

Like you all celebrate thanksgiving, we celebrate 'Sinterklaas'. Which is usually only celebrated till a certain age. Compare it too Cristmas --> Santa. Onces you reach a certain age, your parents will tell you Santa isn't real NOOO!, however unlike Christmas which is really cool in general, no not meant as a pun, we will stop celebrating 'Sinterklaas', untill you yourself get little children.. And lie to them that Both he and Santa are real.. ughh..
Thats kinda weird, different country, different custom i suppose

@ Art
I didn't wear a costume this year.
But for some reason my left index finger didn't move properly all day...
Cursed Finger!?

Bet you didn't know Wikipedia had an article for that.
that's an interesting article.
tensa, you're from romania, right? did you do anything(like, dress up as dracula?)
SciFi said:

Bet you didn't know Wikipedia had an article for that.
Haha...the Australian part of the article. We're so sad.
FIR SCOTLAND. See were epic, we have all kinds of spooky s*hit going on at Halloween.