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What to do with exceptionally good snapshots (HD 1920x1080)
The time has come that the snapshots / screenshots however you want to call them can fit big screens (HD). It happened a long long ago in the past where there was 640x480.

Now there starts to appear some huge raws of full hd 1920x1080. I particularly don't make difference between those screenshots and some of the scans that have been uploaded here, and those screenshots could make it to be a better wallpaper than some of the user edited stuff.

A few examples (They need better compression because they are huge and haven't been post processed with any noise reduction tool, just direct VLC in png):
post #28032 (This one might have some post-processing)

So we need to decide some ruling about this. I would go for:
  • Accepting only caps without any text / credits on it and almost clean as it would be a scan (Post-processing with noise ninja for example), and only 1080p
  • They should be tagged with "cap" tag
  • They should contain value as image alone to a wallpaper.
Open to suggestions