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need a lil help
I am unable to see the site Index (as in no thumbnails load) however i can still view posts themselves. based on a couple of tests it would seem i am partially IP banned. dont believe i have broken any TOS so just wanting to figure out whats up.

had to edit this cause the reply doesnt seem to work. anyhow. firefox is completely up to date. but an older verion of firefox on my laptop cant see image thumbs on the index either. so i dont think its the browser also..... if i use a proxy i can see them hence the conclusion of partial ip block.
You only have one listed IP, and it's not near to any blocked IPs.
*shivers* Sci, we need to talk about that...
IcyFlame: make sure you're using an updated version of whatever browser you have. i personally find konachan to work best in FF. also, if you have any add-ons to your browser, one of those could be disabling the thumbnails.
All the Mods can see them.

If you have RequestPolicy then you need to allow to request from
Do you see the IP that i signed up with, or the one i'm using now?
Only the 5 you've had recently.
so, basically, the last 5 IP's of the computers i've used? ufufufu...
You use 5 different pc's to check konachan.
Or a laptop, notebook or mobile device using wifi hotspots
SciFi said:
wifi hotspots