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can d/l all wallpaper? i mean pack by pack
erm,i am new at KONACHAN,i wan download all PIC,but there is too many of them,so i try ask there have some wallpaper pack for me download? thx
~24 exabytes... lucky ... it didn't reach yotta ... YET! ... I wonder when it'll reach 1 udekabyte... in more than 100 years, that's for sure ...
thx fot telling me~
but that torrent kinda slow >.<
wan use megauload d/l one by one~ ><
Google Translator said:
Understanding can not, because of regional issues, looks like each other can not download.
basically(i think):
I don't understand that much, but I guess region censoring keeps us from downloading.
lolx,lucky i know chinese one~ ya,maybe dif country dif speed one..tat torrent really so slow >.<
you wouldnt really wanna download pictures from here pack by pack cause then youd get alot of foot jobs and etc etc also alot of duplicates with minor changes its best to go thro and download the one you like
Which is why it's called "site-rip". All pictures on konachan are included. I mean, after you extracted all the images you could always search for "censored" and then ctrl+a -> del.