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Play safe ?
My friend sent me this link to a website that sells all the anime ive been watching but ive never heard of it before does anyone know anything about them or used them before ... thanks
Yahoo Answers says it's safe, but overpriced.

jlist (NSFW)/jbox (SFW) does anime DVDs which should work in the UK. (If I read wikipedia right)
Any site that sells direct from japan is overpriced, especially now with the strong yen. But yes, Play-Asia is one of the more well known import sites, apparently. Sankaku has advertising and links to it all over the site. It's also the usual site Artefact links when he announces new games/figures/etc. for order/pre-order.
I use other places for importing stuff, as I do not like play-asia at all. I only used it once and that was pretty much it. This is mainly because Nyaa/Sukube have their ads posted and it takes pretty much 2 to 4 back clicks to get out of it. I hate when they program ads that do that.
That's the hosting site's fault, not necessarily Play-Asia's. Danbooru's the same way. But I know what you mean when you're busying fliiping back and forth between pages on a site. Happens often enough with me when I'm researching images to verify stuff for Konachan.
I've bought in play-asia and yesasia without problems.
So they are trsuted just not the best from what your saying what i may do is check out this j-list site posted by scifi the main reason i wondered about play asi was this
i love k-on and from what i can tell they sell loads of it ...
Checked j-list they seem to have a lot less for sale in terms of figures and dvd's :( but they do have magazin subs :O
Then yen being strong isnt an issue i live in the UK so its not as bad as the usd .... Yet
If GBP falls then the UK can always opt into the Euro which is still stronger than USD.
I know some companies that instead of putting money in USD were putting it in Yen and Euro. But that waswhen the sub-prime fiasco crashed the dollar.
I think J-List is known more for carrying import eroge and related software. I never ID'ed them as a merchandiser like CDJapan, Play-/yes-asia and the like.

But Import sites are expensive by default: Cost of Living for otaku hobbies in JPN is expensive as hell (I lived that life for 6 years). And that's BEFORE any currency exchange, shipping, and import taxes (as applicable). If you can find it cheap, its probably one of the following:

  • Knock-off/imitation. (Good ol' China Quality, for any regular SanCom readers ^_~)
  • You found a wholeseller (doubtful)
  • It's used/someone is selling it cause they need money (so no guarantees on condition.)
I have been tempted to sell one or two of my figures though, sorta: one of my Fate figures jumped up in priced (about double the original retail) at rarity stores until the re-releases came about. (I have a first or 2nd run figure.)