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Love is War symbol.
Anyone know where I can find a good image of the Love it War heart symbol? I just can't seem to find one. Much like the one in post #58622 , I need it for a paintjob I'm doing for GTA SA.
Hm... I guess you can download the video from niconico, try to filter it out and see how it is...
Tried, just couldn't get a flat angel on it. I need the right angel since its going on the hood.
Ah, let me filter, trim the video, and upload that portion or take a frame of it for you so you can make a leet wallpaper or w/e... Be sure to gimme credit. xD
I'm not make a wallpaper, I'm doing a skin, much like forum #516

And naturally I would give credit to everyone that helps me a any kind of project.
Oh... then I'll just do it tomorrow, since I don't play GTA. ^^
Is War also Love?