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What anime did for me...
Has anyone ever watched an anime that has either changed who you are as a person, has profoundly affected your life, or has just gotten you through bleak times in your life giving you new motivation to march onward?
Yeah I have a few anime that have changed me for the better as silly as it may sound.

The most prominent change for me though would have to have originated from K-On!. My guitar used to rot in a corner collecting dust, and I had lost all my motivation to play it and learn for around a year until I began watching K-On!. Now even though the series has ended, since then, I've bought a new guitar and have been enjoying playing/learning on it every single day. I think I owe K-On! for re-igniting my passion for playing.

Also, Toradora! made me realize how much of a lazy shit I am when it comes to cooking, cleaning, etc. so now I try to make an effort. xD
Too much to list...and that not including videogames as well. As dumb as it may sound, anime and gaming as helped shaped who I am (well, plus a little bit of the older 80's/early 90's US TV shows before shit hit the fan in the US and everything started to more or less suck.)

A single series? Not that I can think of off-hand. Cumulative aggregate of everything I watched to date? Damn straight it's affected me. ^_^ Proud of it too. Proves that not only will TV NOT necessarily rot your brain (as the old saying was 2 decades or so ago...Internet does that now), but that you can actually learn to be a better person too (well, or so I hope. No guarantees on how others view my behavior ^_^;)
For me, the series that really dug me out of the ground was Gurren Lagann.

A few summers ago I was diagnosed with a digestive disease and had to be hospitalized. I had never spent prolonged time at a hospital before, and the time I spent there drove me crazy. The fact that my family vacation was right around the corner and that I might not be able to come because of my health also put me into a state of depression.

When I heard there was a channel playing an anime called "Gurren Lagann" around midnight every Monday, I flicked on the TV out of curiousity...

AND THE SERIES WAS AWESOME! One of the best I had ever seen! Seeing Kamina defying all odds against the seemingly unstoppable beastman army with his fighting spirit and larger than life attitude, it gave me new hope to fight my disease and never give up hope.

Two weeks later I was released from the hospital, just in time for my family vacation.

Not really what I can come to think of. But if any anime that did affect me it should be keys works like Clannad.
Well I can say the mangas I have read did have more of affect on me since I havn't watched that many animes compared the mangas I have read.
i suppose black cat sorta got me to drink milk like i should.
I think the manga've always marked it Wakfu! especially when tristepin is dead! the girl cries to the stars I cry for his death!

he enter into the legend to tying to save sadida's world =: (
Well for starters, it's only thanks to anime (and fansubbers, and online dictionaries) that I actually became able to read and write english properly. I absolutely sucked at it during 6th grade. When I graduated, my best marks were those in english.

Also, many of my morals and principles originate from thoughts which were initiated by anime like Kanon, H2O, Black Lagoon, Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora, and a lot of others.

I wouldn't be who I am today without anime. Whether that's good or bad, I don't know, but I most certainly don't want to find out.
If there's anything I'd want to change: my overall situation, but definitely not myself.