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New Account, and all my images are gone!?
I realized my old account was inaccessible. So I made a new one, using the same login, so I guess it really is gone.

I spent a LOT of time contributing and uploading over 1000 images over several weeks and now they are all gone!

Is there a way for me to upload all of my wallpapers again, in a much faster way?
I'm a little upset that they're all gone, since it took forever to get them all here, and I thought it was a pretty significant contribution.

Anyway, I would love to re-upload them, but unfortunately I don't have that much time anymore. Let me know if there is any way I can still get them back on here.

Or maybe I am just hallucinating and they are still here somewhere...
I'm dumb
Oops, I got impatient and didn't even read the other post in the forum about the mass uploading software.

Maybe I'll give it a go this weekend.

Sorry for being a bit of a spaz.
All the images should be around uploaded to the account to anonymous.
Initially the program used to import all the old wallpapers preserving the tags (oh god if we had to retag everything again) assigned all the images to me. There was a big fuss in 4chan for that and emails of complains -so- every single post before transition is assigned to Anonymous (aka Oyashiro-sama)

So well I know lot of people lost their post count but well, I also lost my post count of 20k+

The software should detect the files that have already been uploaded
Old news is old~