Kiho said:
I recently made the mistake of installing the latest graphics driver from lenovo on my T60 running Win7. The laptop would boot up until win7 entered graphics mode and then the blue screen of death. I had to boot in safe mode and roll back the graphics driver.
Yeah, sounds familiar, had the same problem back in the days with my slowly dying 9500GT. The problem was gone as I swapped it with a GTX550 :)

Kiho said:
... if you have a slot on the mother board, try installing another graphics card and making it the primary graphics in the bios setup. Once you get things up and running, you can try installing a different graphics driver for the on board graphics.
Well, don't have a PCIe card laying around, so this is postponed until I got one. But sounds reasonable, since the old mainboard had an Intel GMA950 onboard.

Kiho said:
... I don't know if you can force the installation to install an alternate graphics driver from the get go. ...
Will give that a try. So this forces me to create another Server2003 CD with AHCI and graphics drivers integrated :) Good thing I have enough CD-Rs in stock.

Kiho said:
I did have WinXP64 running on and AMD processor with an on board S7 graphics. (Which is based on windows server - either 2000 or 2003, don't remember).
WinXP x64 is basically the same as Server2003 x64, same codebase and stuff. Only a simple setting in the registry makes it the client version.

Shaggy410 said:
It looks like an issue with UEFI and a way too old Windows version (since you mention it doesn't have legacy support on BIOS), you can give it a try with a Server 2008 or newer if possible, since from that version onwards Microsoft implemented full UEFI support into Server OS's
The UEFI BIOS in fact offers legacy support, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to boot the Server2003 setup and the system afterwards. Sole problem is the system bootup after the graphics part of the setup. I already tried Server 2008, but wasn't able to activate it (Using Windows 7 Loader Extreme Edition) since it needs access to the 100MB partition containing the boot loader and I can't assign a drive letter to that partition when the system is running in UEFI mode. I was simply too lazy to again install the server in legacy mode.