[GIVEAWAY WINNER] Monthly Giveaway for December (2016)

I apologize for the delay, Holidays sort of happened. That said, usual procedure follows. 3 participants thrown into a hat (random.org), the winning draw was #1 which was.... *drum roll*



Please provide an accurate email, name and mailing address for your shipment in either a dmail to me or an email to [email protected]

Congratulations to the winner and thanks for participating!

You have until 3rd January 2017 to provide the required information. (I've extended the period a little due to the holidays).

As a reminder - a winner for the monthly giveaway can not win another box for an year.

Congratulations once again!

New thread coming up in a moment!
Congrats Zolxys. You earned it.
Now the problem remains with the shipping. If you live in the middle of nowhere you most likely will have to take a trip to the nearest town.
Yeah, Zolxys is living in frickin farm with barely any wifi service...that definately sounds like the middle of no where.

But congrats Zolxys!
UPS and USPS do actually deliver here. It's a 90 acre farm surrounded by other 90 acre farms, but it's only 6 minutes from a city with a population of 8,222.
Congrats Zolxys.
Congratulazioni pepperoni
otaku_emmy said:
Congratulazioni pepperoni
tf XD