What is your happiest memory?
One Easter morning, my mom and dad took me to an egg hunt. While standing in queue awaiting the start, I looked up at the 1st place prizes for finding the golden egg in each age group. They were strapped to the tops of trailers and they were shiny new bicycles. I was only five years old at the time, so for my age group, a 16" black and green bike stood above me.
Tugging at my Mom's hand, "I'm going to win that bike," I whispered.
I was confident that the bike was going to be mine, and to this day I have no idea why. As soon as the egg hunt began, I noticed a gopher hole in the middle of the grassy field, and I yelled to my parents, "It has to be in there!"
Sure enough, inside the hole was the golden egg. It was the only egg I picked up that Easter morning, and I went home with my bike.
Doesn't exist. Everything is just mushy soup.
Well I don't have such memories but soon I am going to create them. I like travelling and at the end of June going to Singapore with my family. We booked tickets beforehand on <url deleted by moderator> . Soon I will lie on the beach of Sentosa island.
Hey MuntyJay, you have a lot of happier moments ahead of you if getting a bicycle is your happiest memory to this day. I'll look forward to reading them if you ever feel inclined to update your happiest memory here.
I don't know if we needed a whole new thread for this...