Drunken Tales
I'm actually pretty drunk typing this up but it made me think about some of the dumb stuff I've done while inebriated. And then one boozing thought led to another...

For those of you that are of legal drinking age, or should be, what are some of your drunken memories that you can recall or have been told about?

As for me the greatest was two years ago. It started with a game of drink. Four guys, but two of of them opted out after shot two of Bacardi...Fireball I think it was. But me and my much more experienced drinking friend kept going. Shot after shot (and these shots were worth 2 every one shot), and quicker than I expected the whole world was a fog except for I could see.

Following adventures of which I don't, or barely remember include vomiting in my new shoes, throwing my friend's shirt onto the roof of my house. I broken some kind of plastic platter by falling on it. There was more stomach rejection and a nap outside on the pavement for four hours. All in all it was a crazy night that wasn't the worst thing ever, what I could remember of it anyway. Would I do it again? Probably.
I think I've only been legitimately drunk once. I didn't do anything crazy. It was hard taking a shower though, because standing had become extremely difficult.

When I get buzzed, it makes me feel overly emotional. So I'll tell (internet) friends I love them and I'll get...aroused, and then later on feel like I want to kill myself. I really shouldn't drink at all for medical reasons, but I do anyway.

I've never experienced drinking with buds and that kind of stuff.
About the only time I drink is when I'm at the forge with some of my blacksmithing friends. Usually get together, smoke cigars and play lots of drinking games involving hammers and bladed weapons.

Stumps is a personal favorite drinking game. Set up a stump and get a bunch of nails started in a circle. Everyone gets is assigned a nail and it goes clockwise. If someone hits your nail you take a drink, if someone drives it all the way in one blow you have to finish your drink. What makes it challenging is you have to flip the hammer in the air, catch it by the handle, and drive the nail all in one motion. If you drop the hammer you have to do 10 pushups. It's kinda fun to gang up on people.

I think I shared it before, but here's a pic from the last time I was at the forge. You can see the stump we use off to the left. Good times, need to get back.
TommyGunn said:
Ah! Seeing those round things lying around in my granfather's barn, I always thought they'd be great make-shift shields.
This didn't happen to me, but one of my friends after having one too many beers ended up wandering out into the mountains in the dead of night. While out there she accidently ended up saving a dragon, and in her drunken stupor ended up inviting the dragon to crash at her place. The next morning said dragon took her up on that offer and is now paying back her gratitude by working as a her house maid while assuming a human form. If you want to hear further details...
My mom took acid once and she got shit scared because she thought all the trees were trying to kill her. True story.
If you are really interested in drunken tales, makes friends with an ER nurse, they have seen what cannot be put in print.....
I once got drunk at a friend's party and started feeling hot, so I got into their bathtub and started filing it with water to cool down. I somehow convinced three other people, who were most likely drunk outta their minds, to sit in the tub with me. The water started spilling out and I remember Sync passing by and saying something apathetically like "oh no~, Captain, your ship is sinking" and the four of us in the tub stated to panic and scoop water out of the tub with our hands.

It ended with someone losing their bladder in the tub and we all ended up getting soaked and leaving the party early >.>

Edit: We were all clothed, by the way.
noRain_noRainbow said:
It ended with someone losing their bladder in the tub
hellooooooo! that sounds like a party starting to me!
kokiriloz said:
hellooooooo! that sounds like a party starting to me!
Huhu, for you, maybe ;p

Pee isn't down my alley.
People might think it's gross, but I always pee when I'm in a tub or a pool. It ain't like anyone is going to know or get ill from it.
And this is why I have phobias.
Granted, I've never been in a tub with another person, and I haven't been in a public/hotel pool in a dog's age.

I think getting blood, jizz, or poop in a pool is way worse.
I will never go at the pool again.
Relax, folks. Pee is sanitary, it's just the smell I don't like at all.
noRain_noRainbow said:
Relax, folks. Pee is sanitary, it's just the smell I don't like at all.
Fun facts about Pee: it is only 1/3 as salty as sea water - why you should not use it to rinse off jellyfish stingers (From myths about treating jellyfish stings). However, while Pee from a health person may be sanitary, for anyone with STDs (or a bladder infection), it likely is not. One of the reasons pools are chlorinated.

“Ah, water. Never touch the stuff. Fish fuck in it.” - WC Fields.

"Whilst traveling through Afghanistan, we lost our corkscrew. Had to live on food and water for several days." - WC Fields.
Got dunk last night and started crawling through the mud in a rainstorm so I could "relive WWII" in the middle of the night. Sync, completely sober, didn't help and pretended to be a German soldier the whole time trying to fight me for a "dry pair of boots".

Ah yes, and now the both of us have a cold. * two thumbs up*
Das boot!

Does anyone like to play video games when drinking/drunk? I do, and I typically have a blast doing so. I never use my mic on these real nice headphones I have, just use them for the surround sound, bass and quality. But when I get drunk? Mic is on and I'm fumbling words left and right and enjoying myself. Also, sadly, I tend to play a lot better in multiplayer things. Which really says something about my sober skill. I'm decent at best. (Overwatch being a prime example.)
Sync should have reenacted the holocaust. Disappointment level 9000. D=
I was halfway through a very long message... But I thought to myself... It's in the past...
The best stories are in the past.
Yeah but reading as I was writing most of it wasn't something to proud of.
Freenight said:
Sync should have reenacted the holocaust. Disappointment level 9000. D=
Bad otouto, bad!
I miss having the time to lurk with you fuckers
Get drunk and lurk away then.
TommyGunn said:
Get drunk and lurk away then.
Boi I'm trying
traz64 said:
Boi I'm trying
Whacho drinkin son?