About the only time I drink is when I'm at the forge with some of my blacksmithing friends. Usually get together, smoke cigars and play lots of drinking games involving hammers and bladed weapons.

Stumps is a personal favorite drinking game. Set up a stump and get a bunch of nails started in a circle. Everyone gets is assigned a nail and it goes clockwise. If someone hits your nail you take a drink, if someone drives it all the way in one blow you have to finish your drink. What makes it challenging is you have to flip the hammer in the air, catch it by the handle, and drive the nail all in one motion. If you drop the hammer you have to do 10 pushups. It's kinda fun to gang up on people.

I think I shared it before, but here's a pic from the last time I was at the forge. You can see the stump we use off to the left. Good times, need to get back.