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What truly defines a Loli?
I'm starting this thread since this is a question that has arisen a lot in the comments section of various posts over the years, so I think it best to clarify our thoughts and keep the debates off the actual images themselves.

The question is quite simple: What really qualifies as a "loli" by today's standards? Does the term apply to any prepubescent girl? Is there a cut-off age when loli are no longer considered loli but instead adolescents? Is a woman still considered a loli if she still looks like a little kid despite actually being a teenager/adult? Inversely, are precocious children still considered loli even if their bodies have physically matured despite their young age? Are supernatural beings and gods that have lived for centuries but still take the form of a child considered loli?

So let's all put this debate to the test once and for all. What is "Loli"?
This debate is dumb. If it's drawn as a child, it's a loli.
I really, really, really, really, really, really, really don't want to hear anymore about this. I don't think we need a forum for it either.